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Edit hosts files on Mac
In the Terminal window, you will need to enter a command to open the Nano text editor. You will need your administrator password, as well. type sudo nano [...]
Development Tools
SEO Mythbusters
This post is packed full of excellent… absolutely excellent information on SEO. Make sure you download the ebook that is linked as well. Really good [...]
A forum for anything font related. [...]
Color Blender
A handy tool to give you some blends of colors for hovers and theme control. Pick a color value format, input two valid CSS color values in the format you [...]
CSSWeb Design
A practical framework for choosing colors in UI design
Color modification is the key to successful UI design. Not picking the colors. [...]
CSSWeb Design
Repeating SVG background Patterns
Steve Schoger does the hard work for you so you don’t have to with his collection of simple, yet elegant SVG patterns. [...]
Embedding SVGs
This was all new to me. Great tutorial and I am already using it. [...]
Email Templates and Examples
Do you need some inspiration for html emails. This resource has done a lot of the work for us. [...]
HTML Emails
Straight and curly quotes
When to use curly quotes [...]
The Ultimate Guide to CSS in Emails
Pulling your hair out over html emails? This might help. [...]
HTML Emails