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Font Matcherator
The matcherator, brought to you by our favorite font licensing resource Fontspring is a really nifty tool. You can upload an image and the matcherator will [...]
Built With
Have a website that you really respect and are curious what resources they use to make it tick? Instead of digging around in the code yourself, use Built [...]
qTip speech bubbles
I love this tool. It is easy to set up and it is loaded with options. I really makes it simple to add clear instructions to your site, yet keep them from [...]
MySQL Joins Explained
I use joins ALL the time, yet I still get twisted up sometimes. I keep this webpage in my favorites as a visual reminder to get me straightened out. I [...]
Commercial perpetual font licensing. Fontspring’s fabulous website really shine above the rest. The thing I really like about Fontspring is their [...]
First Aid Git
A searchable collection of the most frequently asked git questions. [...]
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Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
The second version of the Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet, a quick reference guide for regular expressions, including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions [...]
Dummy Text Generator
A highly configurable tool for generator dummy text. [...]
Jquery file upload
This is a full featured file upload widget. File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag & drop support, progress bar, validation and preview [...]
Webfont Generator
This is probably the coolest web design tool out there. Upload your fonts and it will spit you back web fonts and css fine tuned and hinted for the web. [...]