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Font Matcherator
The matcherator, brought to you by our favorite font licensing resource Fontspring is a really nifty tool. You can upload an image and the matcherator will [...]
Built With
Have a website that you really respect and are curious what resources they use to make it tick? Instead of digging around in the code yourself, use Built [...]
qTip speech bubbles
I love this tool. It is easy to set up and it is loaded with options. I really makes it simple to add clear instructions to your site, yet keep them from [...]
MySQL Joins Explained
I use joins ALL the time, yet I still get twisted up sometimes. I keep this webpage in my favorites as a visual reminder to get me straightened out. I [...]
Stupid htaccess Tricks
This is GOOD! I came across this when i was trying to lock down a WordPress site. This is a pretty comprehensive guide to .htaccess. This article, Stupid [...]
Commercial perpetual font licensing. Fontspring’s fabulous website really shine above the rest. The thing I really like about Fontspring is their [...]
First Aid Git
A searchable collection of the most frequently asked git questions. [...]
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Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
The second version of the Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet, a quick reference guide for regular expressions, including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions [...]
Typography Cheatsheet
A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage. [...]
phpThumb creates thumbnails on the fly. You can also load this as and object and utilize your own caching system. That is my preferred method as bypassing [...]